Come As Strangers, Leave As Friends 

The Hatfield Pub has the motto, " Come as strangers - Leave as Friends." And that is truly appropriate. It doesn't take long, once you've arrived you feel like you've been friends with these people forever. A fair drink, a little music, and some fun conversation can always be expected. It has to be on your list of,  "Go To," places. - Tom

Hot Bartender! 

The Hatfield Pub is one of the best places to grab a drink. One of their bartenders, Shelly, is the only bartender I want to serve my drinks. Go  check her out sometime she is a hottie! - Marrianne

Love The Pub

Great place to hang out and relax.  Awesome bartenders and always a good time.  Love the Pub. - Linda F

Great Atmosphere

Great out in the country place to relax, or party ! Great people, great atmosphere, great location! Michael Hotte





Best Place Ever

The Hatfield Pub is the best place ever. Great People. Lots of laughs. Just about anything goes. - Gail

Favorite Place To Go

I love the Hatfield Pub! It is my favorite place to go. All the bartenders are wonderful and I have a lot of fun. The Pub is my new family now.  - Kathy Peebody


Great Place To Hang 

The Hatfield Pub is a great bar to hang out at. I remember my first time walking through the doors. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere is very homey and the owners and bartenders are awesome! They promptly wait on you and make good drinks. I am happy to say I am now a regular and always feel at home at the Hatfield Pub.  - Diane



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